Thursday, March 7, 2013

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Mention people in your posts with Google+ and add a video email with your message. Brending White Label Solution A guaranteed, risk free, revenue generating marketing program. Brending is a risk free marketing solution that promotes, manages and fulfills discount deals to millions of consumers across the country. Beyond the implementation of Brending's White-Label solution, the Brending platform allows you to leverage an entirely new opted-in subscriber list to augment the reach of any client-direct promotion and sell more for your clients every time they brend with you. It’s like propagating a ‘second-chance’ offer the first time! Through Brending, you have the ability to extend your deals to a new audience while giving your clients the opportunity to attract new customers with a revenue payout on each deal certificate purchased. You can track the sales of your brenders deals using our dashboard feature and watch the revenue climb with each deal sold. This e-commerce solution is email and social marketing enabled to promote your deal to tens of thousands of local or national consumers. The Brending Brigade offers a high-quality, secure, easy-to-use platform on a high performance system that is ready to handle heavy site traffic. Brending provides the ability to solicit hard goods and services from a wide variety of brend categories to generate additional revenue from the sale of these goods and services. Our experienced team is waiting to help and will provide guidance and strategic planning to create a successful experience for you and your clients! We offer a full suite of online tools to assist in populating items, tracking bids and managing sales on your custom auction site. Employing the brending auction platform will allow you to showcase the influence you have on your audience by selling your brenders goods and services for them! After a brender sees that you can actually sell what they offer, how could they say ‘no’ to consider your brending processes? Call me+Coach Z +1.(740) 9649905 now. #CC THEUNITEDSTATESDEPARTMENTofJUSTICE@THEUNITEDSTATESDEPARTMENTofJUSTICE



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